As a home décor and design hunter, she sees things not as they are but as they could be. Anticipating the energy that different elements create when they are put together – as if they were meant to be.

Fabiana Hoy is a qualified Interior Architect. A unique combination of structural understanding and space details sensitivity. Fabiana was born and raised in Lima – Perú, educated in Milan – Italy and lives with her husband in Johannesburg – South Africa. All three cultural influences in her life (Latin American passion, Italian style and South Africa diverse flavour) gives her a different international flair. Recognised for her good taste, she is aware of trends as she hunts from timeless and bold pieces with great personality. She is one of the style icons for SHF “Define yourself” campaign 2017/2018 in South Africa.

Always looking for inspiring objects, colours and eye catching interiors, she lives with an unstoppable desire to come upon inner beauty. She developed an uncanny ability to recognise the value in a hand made object just as quickly as in a priceless designer piece. With her blog that reflects her vision: “Living in love and style” , she connects with people through her lifestyle and experiences as a professional, a wife and a mother raising two boys


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