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Hola, I’m Fabiana.

I’m a wife and mother by love;  a qualified Interior Architect, Designer, Creative Director and Stylist by passion and trade. 

I was born and raised in Lima/Perú, educated in Milan/Italy and now live with my husband and two boys in Johannesburg/South Africa.

These three experiences during different stages of my life are my major cultural influences: Latin American passion, Italian style and South African diverse flavour.  They create a magical mix with international flair. 

South Africa gives me gorgeous blue skies, lush gardens and flowers,  new sounds, smells, colours and shapes.  Exploring opened a whole new world to me.

I am in love.

I discovered a new language, a new way to express myself. Even better, I discovered a new, wonderful and beautiful way of life.

I discovered its women, their smiles, and their Ubuntu spirit.

All of these had a great impact on me.

Culture, femininity, destinations and Latin American melodies  are my inspiration, welcome to my #livinginloveandstyle world!


This versatile garment takes inspiration from the elegant lines of the traditional Japanese kimono, reimagined with the vibrancy of African fabrics. 

Crafted for leisurely pursuits, it boasts a relaxed silhouette that effortlessly elevates an outfit, offering both freedom of movement and a touch of instant happiness and beauty.

Every stitch has a sense of joy and celebration, perfect for brightening up any leisurely occasion. 

Whether lounging at home having precious “me time”, brunch with girlfriends, a Sunday stroll by the local market or enjoying your favourite beach, the #fabianahoykimonos  are the epitome of laid-back sophistication with a cultural twist.


Sourced from the Johannesburg Fashion District, our fabrics come from Western Africa and are carefully  curated  between thousands of different prints, colours and motifs. 

We only use 100% cotton for our fabrics, details and labels.

The African prints, and patterns reflect the many layers of cultural influences enhancing a truly global expression.

There are African, European and Asian influences representing popular culture, nature, religion and even politics. They are colourful and bold. 

While we do not own the print design, we do give it a fresh  perspective by giving it a name in an African language, or even Spanish.

Add your own style and cultural layer to the many beautiful stories!